7 ways to maintain your AC generator for long, lasting life

That's all the things we can think of that one can do to ensure their AC generator's long and lasting life. By doing your research before buying, you'll start on the right foot. Things will be better from then onwards. Most generators won't bother you if you keep changing

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AC generators use as the backup electricity source. So it wouldn’t be wrong to call them “life-savers.” Yet, they are expensive machines. This makes the buyer concerned about their durability and long life.
Also, some users might be looking for a generator that they can trust. Generators used in organizations and events are way more crucial than the ones used in homes. They can malfunction when we need them the most. This can cause not only considerable embarrassment but also financial loss.
So, we decide to share with you 7 ways to help you increase your AC generator’s life. Make sure that you read to the end because we have a bonus point for you.

Reload the lubricant of your AC generator

This might sound like a cliche, but users often forget to change the oil of their generators and end up paying a heavy price. Sometimes they fall for the numbers or guarantees given by the oil companies that do not stand up to their claims. Thus, it’s better to keep checking the lubricant on your own. As soon as you notice it going black from brown, get it changed.
If you are getting it done by a professional, try to oversee the process. Make sure empty in the tank first. Any remnants of the previous fuel will contaminate the new energy and reduce its service life.

Give your generator rest between consistent use.

Too often, we let these machines keep working for hours. We think that they are machines and don’t need rest. Indeed, they don’t need rest like us humans, but they do overheat due to excessive use. A rest of 15 minutes to one hour might be more than enough in most cases. You can reduce this overheating. You can do this by using heavy-duty cords due to their lower resistance.
Yet, you should be using your generator at its capacity of 70-90%. If your business or domestic use needs more of it, you should get a more significant generator. (Boley, 2020)

Replace the air filter once in a while

Air filters are a thin mesh of metal wiring or optical fiber. They are responsible for stopping unnecessary particles from passing through. Doing so, they can at times gather too much dust and at times tear off.
This can be damaging for your generator. Because the clogged generator won’t allow the air to pass through. On the flip side, the torn-off air filter won’t be able to stop the dust and debris passing through. These are both damaging situations for generators.
Thanks to these items are not expensive, and you don’t even have to change them every time. There’re ways you can clean your air filter and reuse it for a second time. Yet, don’t overdo it and be careful while doing it, or you might end up tearing the filter yourself.

Run it once in a while

Depending on your needs, there will be seasons or months where you won’t be needing a generator. Don’t let your generator turn off all this while. Make sure you start it up once a month and leave it running for 30 mins at least. (Henkel, 2020)
Doing so will prevent lubricant jams. It will also prevent you from the disappointment of not working when you need it the most. Otherwise, you will either find your generator running out of battery. Or some other problem that you’ll need to call a repairman for.

Get it serviced every once in a while

The rotor and stator of a generator are the two main parts of a generator. They are also very likely to collect dust and debris. One reason for this collection of dust and debris is the surface of these parts is moist with lubricants. These lubricants absorb the glime quite.
But, you can remove the dust and debris collection. You can do this by removing the remaining lubricant on the surface after every use. Or do this at the beginning of a long break. Nonetheless, it’s not easy doing so every time. And even though if you do this, still a chance that some dust and debris will accumulate over time.
Thus, get it serviced by a professional. Or you can outsource the maintenance to a proper firm if your usage is that big.

Do your research before buying.

There’re several things that you need to know before buying an AC generator. These things will give you the most bang for your bucks. We have written a very well-thought-out article based on our experience on this topic. You can check that out if you want to know about it in detail. Yet, for now, you look for an AC generator that provides some guarantee. Also, inquire if the warranty is complete or partial. (Sasson, 2017)
Another thing to focus on in a generator is the enclosing. It will prevent water or dust from seeping in. Yet, if it’s not provided, you can get one made later on, but keep it in mind while buying.

Make sure the wiring is alright.

Backup generators usually have a separate socket connected to them. And sometimes, they take the load from the primary source of the house or facility. Whatever the case, there’s always a chance for the wiring to falter at some point. Either it’s due to the tension on the cables due to stretching or the overheating of the wires. Such malfunctioned wiring can spark at any time and damage your generator.
To avoid this, all you have to do is check the wiring now and then. If you find a spot on the wire where the rubber coating is missing and the cables are naked, cover them with tape. If the area is too big, it’s better to get the whole wire replaced with a new one. Do so can go a long way in improving the life of your AC generator.

Bonus point:

Another thing you can do to improve the generator’s life is by placing it in a safe part of the house or facility. This can be either a cool and dry place or somewhere it’s covered. Since most generators are portable, you can change their location as per the weather. Doing so will definitely help you in maintaining your AC generator.


That’s all the things we can think of that one can do to ensure their AC generator’s long and lasting life. By doing your research before buying, you’ll start on the right foot. Things will be better from then onwards. Most generators won’t bother you if you keep changing.
But, if you find yourself stuck with a generator that always needs repairing. Know that it’s better to get it changed. If you have a guaranteed one, this process should be more straightforward for you.

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