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In this article, we’ve discussed some of the major pros and cons of brushless alternators. There're a lot of pros and a few cons when it comes to brushless alternators. The biggest advantage of such devices is that they are more efficient.

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What’re the advantages and disadvantages of brushless alternators?

The alternator is one of the most innovative developments in power technology. It has saved a considerable amount of fuel compared to its counterparts.

On the other side, there are some drawbacks associated with this modern version. In this article, we’ll learn some of the pros and cons of brushless alternators.

If you want to learn them all, then you should keep on reading.

How Good are Brushless Alternators? (Advantages)

The brushless alternators are better in almost all aspects. They usually have higher efficiency, enhanced reliability, and increased versatility.

Here’re some of the main advantages of brushless alternators:

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Increased Stability:

The most important advantage of a brushless alternator is that they are more stable. This is because of the lack of moving parts inside them.

No Moving Parts:

With these units, there are no brushes and commutators inside. This reduces the number of wear and tear components, increasing their life span. Whereas brushed alternators have brushes that are in contact with each other. Due to their connection, they produce friction and heat, and as a result. It damages the alternator parts.

Smooth Performance:

The functionality of the brushless alternators is close to flawless. They can produce clean power without any voltage spike. It makes them perfect for sensitive electrical systems.

Reduced Noise & Vibration:

To some extent, this type of alternator also eliminates noise and vibrations. This asks them the best choice for use in vehicles.

As we mentioned earlier, it doesn’t contain any brushes that can collide with other parts. So, you will find brushless motors and alternators very quiet no matter how much they work.

Easier Installation:

The brushless alternators are easier to mount than the conventional units. All you need is a little bit of DIY knowledge and installation can be done within an hour or two.

Better Efficiency:

Brushless alternators need less maintenance as compared to their traditional counterparts. It is because these types of alternators don’t have a lot of moving parts in contact. While on the other hand, the brushed generators have brushes that are constantly in contact. It produces heat during operation and kills efficiency.

Although they are costlier than the conventional version, over a period of time they help save a lot of fuel.


Higher Voltage:

These types of alternators have the ability to generate higher voltages. This is one of the main reasons why most manufacturers prefer them these days. They help save a lot of fuel and improve engine efficiency.

Ideal for Motorcycles:

Many people prefer brushless alternators on motorcycles. This is because of their lightweight, high efficiency, and compact design. Yet, you need to make sure that the alternator you are about to buy supports high speeds.

Reduced Maintenance Cost:

The units are elementary to maintain. All you need is an electronic device for cleaning the commutator. As there are no brushes inside, hence your maintenance cost will be very low.

No More Voltage Sag:

There is often an issue of voltage drop in the vehicles when the alternator requires a lot of power. This is because of the resistance offered by brushes. But, this problem will not be there in brushless alternators. It is because they need less power for their operation. (Carter, 2021)

Improved Overload Capacity:

Another major advantage is that you can use them at a higher capacity without any harm. No worries about the speed or torque of your engine. You can use it even if your vehicle is not running at total capacity. This will help save a lot of fuel in the long run.

Higher RPM Limit:

RPM refers to “rotations per minute.” Brushed alternators can rotate up to 30000 RPM on some vehicles. But brushless alternators can rotate much more than that!

As we can see, the benefits of using a brushed alternator are plenty. The question now is if there are any disadvantages to these types of units? Do they have any drawbacks? Let’s find out in the next section…

Brushless Alternator Drawbacks (Disadvantages)

As you’ve seen, some of the major advantages of brushless alternators. Now you might be thinking about the downsides of these machines too. Well, being machines, yes, they have some drawbacks, and we will tell you about each of them.

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Incompatibility With Engines:

There are a few engines out there that have the ability to operate only with a brushed alternator. This is because of their design and construction. But, most modern cars being manufactured these days support brushless ones too.

Overheating Issues:

These types of units often keep on oscillating when they get overheated. To prevent this problem, you will need to make sure that the cooling system of these units is efficient. (Hajek, Vitek, & Mach, 2013)

Less Reliability:

Brushless units are not as reliable as their counterparts. Because they do not have brushes inside them. But, over time, there has been a lot of progress in the development of brushless alternators. With time, these units are expected to become more and more reliable.

Higher Cost:

Compared to the brushed generators. You will often find the brushless alternators more expensive. It is because they are much more advanced machines that come with several benefits.

Although there are some disadvantages, its efficiency covers all those minor deficiencies. Having that said, the cost of these alternators can sometimes be out of range for a lot of people.

Applications of Brushless Alternators

There are many applications where you will find brushless alternators being used as a power source. Here is a list of all those usages along with their advantages.

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As Common Household Power Sources

One of the biggest advantages of brushless alternators is that they are good power sources. Due to their increased efficiency and better output, they are in demand. On account of the brushless system generates more power and produces less heat.

However, the brushed generators produce heat which reduces efficiency. Apart from that, they are also somewhat less noisy as compared to brushed ones. All in all, these generators are suitable for any kind of environment.

In Cars:

One of the most common uses for these units is in modern cars. High-end manufacturers have been using them on their vehicles for many years now. You will find them in Audi, Mercedes, Honda Accord, Lexus, etc.

In Trucks:

Brushless alternators are also used in heavy-duty trucks to provide power to the engine when it is idling. They are usually 12V or 24V machines that can work well at low RPMs too. (Generators Zone, 2020)

Marine Applications:

Brushless units are often used as power sources for boats and ships. They can provide high output even in conditions where there is no wind.

Rail Transport:

Galvanic isolation of the alternator means that brushless units do not create sparks near the fuel tanks. So, they are used rail transport to provide power for the engine during idle hours. Since they can rotate a lot faster, they actually work very well at low RPMs.

Wind Turbines:

The most common use of brushless units is in wind turbines. The generators required to spin propellers or blades have been using these units for the past 20 years. Even in harsh environments, these units can generate adequate power with increased efficiency.

Should We Choose Brushless or Brushed Alternators in General?

So the question we asked at the start of this guide still remains. Should you choose brushed or brushless alternators? Well, it bases on what your needs are and your budget!

You can definitely go with a brushed unit if you need to save some money. But, if you’re planning to buy something for high-end vehicles. Then you should definitely go with a brushless unit as they will last you for a longer time. The choice is yours, after all.

Brushless Three-phase AC Sychronous Generators

How to Pick the Right Brushless Alternator?

Now that you know all about brushless alternators, the next question is how to pick the right one? Well, there’re a few key factors that can help you pick out the best one:

1. Power:

The first factor that you need to keep in mind is the power requirement. There are several brushless alternators available on the market. Such as the ST Series brushless alternators. You can easily read their specifications and then consider your power requirements. It will help you select the best brushless alternator for your home, office, or seaside cabin.

2. Location:

Location’s another factor that you need to consider while getting the best alternator. It is simply the most important thing to keep in mind. It is because you will have to choose the size of the alternator according to your location.

Suppose you have a small area. You won’t be able to fit a large brushless alternator inside that area.

3. Condition:

Condition is another factor that will help you make a better decision. Although brushed generators have some issues as compared to the brushless ones. Still, there can be times when you need to think about your condition.

For example, if you want to power a small building, you shouldn’t invest a large amount. Yet, if you want an uninterrupted power supply. Then brushless alternators are the best option to choose.

Last Minute Thoughts

In this article, we’ve discussed some of the major pros and cons of brushless alternators. There’re a lot of pros and a few cons when it comes to brushless alternators. The biggest advantage of such devices is that they are more efficient.

Why? It is because these alternators have a reduced amount of friction. It helps to prevent the loss of energy. Besides that, they have lower maintenance costs. Although they are a bit expensive than the brushed ones.

Apart from that, there’re other advantages that we’ve discussed in detail. We hope after reading this guide you’ve learned a lot of things. If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know in the comments.

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