Does Free Energy Work?

From the perspective of the universe, there is a lot of free-flowing energy. So, yes, free energy works. But from the perspective of the energy industry, there is no free energy.

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To the question of: does free energy work? The short and straightforward answer is yes and no. Keep reading as we look at more information about this.

On the internet, some sources of information tell about free energy generators. But we all know that you cannot create energy from anything.

The law of mass-energy conservation says that you can neither create nor destroy energy.

You can transform energy, but you cannot even get more power than you put in. One of the things that you can do is to try to get 100 percent energy transfer.

But energy exists freely in the universe!

Human beings have blood flowing in their veins, and plants have sap flowing through them. On the same note, the universe has energy flowing through it.

Using various devices, we can transform this energy into different types to meet our needs. Yet, we cannot destroy existing power or create new energy.

It is hard to deny free energy because it is already there in the universe, existing. All we have to do is to tap into the power and transform it for their needs. Even experts cannot say for sure that “free” energy does not exist.

To know whether free energy works, first, you have to know what it is. There is no doubt that free energy exists.

So, what is free energy?

The law of aerodynamics states that free energy is the energy that is already available for use. This energy is not infinite, which means that it will end at some point.

In that context, we can say that free energy can work. Once you deplete it, you have to go back to another power, which is not free.

Free energy flows in the universe. Still, we have to invest vast amounts of money in harvesting that energy. 

If you need an advanced mechanical device to harvest energy, then the power ceases to be free.

Today, you will find so many devices for making free energy. For example, solar panels need an initial investment. After that, they will harvest energy for your needs for a long time.

Is free energy usable energy?

Free energy is the energy that is available “free” to do work. Thus, it uses while it lasts since it is not infinite. Once you exhaust it, it ceases to exist, so you cannot continue using it. That is the simple answer. 

In expert circles, free energy use in determining how systems change. This change happens in chemical reactions. 

Experts go on to express free energy in two ways:

The first one is the free energy F – also called Helmholtz energy. 

The second one is the Gibbs free energy, which they express as free energy G. 

Gibbs free energy G is named after Josiah Willard Gibbs. His measurement system determines the energy resulting from a chemical reaction. After accounting for energy loss, the remaining power is free. 

With every energy transfer process, there is some energy loss. After accounting for the lost energy, the remaining free power uses for work. 

Free energy generators

Many sources of information about free energy refer to free energy generators.

So what is the free energy generator?

A free energy generator runs on the neodymium magnet principle. Examples include hydro turbines and free energy water wheels. Also, Pelton hydro turbine generators and hydro generators are free energy generators.

Please note that only mechanical devices made before 2012 use neo magnets.

The free energy generators come in all sizes. They all produce electrical energy for various home and industrial uses.

There are many benefits of free energy generators. But first, they all work on the neodymium magnets principle. So what is this principle?

Neodymium is one of the rarest earth metals, which makes the world’s strongest magnets. Manufacturers use it with other materials such as boron, iron, and rare earth elements. This combination of materials creates powerful magnetic fields.

But Neo magnets are not only useful for free energy generators. Also, computer hard disks, cordless power tools, car engines, and door locks all use new magnets. 

Whenever you hear of rare earth elements being part of something, the high cost comes to mind. Thus, while free energy generators exist, the energy they will produce is not exactly free.

You have to pay a high cost for the device that produces free energy. We get back to square one of this debate – is free energy free?

Another important thing is that governments banned neodymium magnets since 2012. The free energy generators using the neo magnet principle are pre-2012.

Benefits of free energy

Free energy generators have various benefits. Here, we will look at a few of them.

After paying the initial cost of the neo magnet, they need no energy input, yet they produce energy. Thus, this busts the initial sentiment that you can only get out energy that you put in.

These generators are so simple to run. The system is foolproof, and it can run for a long time without requiring any form of maintenance.

These generators also perform better than others do as they have a higher torque. They produce electrical energy without producing harmful biological or chemical substances.

As there are many benefits of free energy and generators, there are also a few disadvantages. For example, magnets can corrode, face demagnetization and lose their power.

The initial cost of buying these powerful magnets is very high. Thus, this renders the argument for free energy use either null or void.

How you can get free energy

Today, there are other sources of “free” energy. After paying the initial investment, you can then go on to enjoy free energy for many days.

Harvesting solar power from the sun

Creating a solar farm to harness sun power can set you on the road to enjoying free energy for a long time. Today, we even have solar-powered generators for home use and camping.

The free energy from the sun already exists. Thus, you only need to find a means to harvest it. You can store it in batteries and use it to power your machinery, appliances, and other things.

Harvesting wind power with turbines

Investing in a wind turbine can make available plenty of free energy for your home. 

Same with solar energy, the initial investment for wind turbine installation is high. It is a one-off cost, and the maintenance costs are low.

Over-unity generator

Over unity, generators are self-powering generators. These generators break the law of aerodynamic motion to create free energy.

But there is no use in the industry or life for such generators. 

A lot of research work is still going on here to find the key to unlocking free energy. 

You might not find much help with over-unity generators and perpetual motion machines. 


From the perspective of the universe, there is a lot of free-flowing energy. So, yes, free energy works. But from the perspective of the energy industry, there is no free energy. 

You need advanced devices for harvesting and transforming energy. These include generators, solar panels, wind turbines, and hydro turbines to harvest energy.

In any case, even for free stored energy, it is not infinite. It will work until depletion. Meanwhile, institutions of higher learning engaged in research. Who knows? In the future, we will have energy that is 100 percent free.

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