How Diesel Generator Works

The diesel generator is equipment whose use is indicated for applications that require more power and for continuous operation. They convert the fuel into electrical energy, through the combustion of diesel.

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Compared to others like gasoline, this type of fuel burns at a higher temperature. Hence more efficient and ensure greater power to the generator.

Diesel generators must provide regular maintenance to function. Pls click here for diesel generator on our website.

Gen-set Working

In general, how does a diesel generator work? In short, diesel generator-driven generator operation can divide into three steps. Pls, click here for the diesel generator set on our website.

Reach the ignition point in the cylinder.

The clean air filtered by the air filter. Mix with the high-pressure atomized oil injected from the fuel injector.

Under the piston’s upward extrusion, the volume shrinks. And the temperature rises to reach the ignition point of diesel fuel.

“Doing Work”

Diesel ignites, the mixed gas burns, and the volume expands. pushing the piston down, which calls ‘doing work.’

Driving the crankshaft to rotate

Cylinder works in a specific order. And the thrust acting on the piston change into a force. Push the crankshaft for the connecting rod. They are thus driving the crankshaft to rotate.

Suppose the brushless synchronous alternator. (Pls, click here) install with the diesel generator’s crankshaft.

In that case, the diesel generator’s rotation can use to drive the rotor of the generator. I am using the principle of ‘electromagnetic induction.’

the generator will output the induced electromotive force (EMF). A closed load loop can generate the current.

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