Is There Free Energy?

While there is no free energy, some sources are almost free. By this, we mean energy sources that need the initial investment. After that, you do not have to pay anything, but you continue enjoying the energy.

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Is There Free Energy? The Answer is Yes and No
The answer is yes and no. to support the yes answer, think of the basic things. When you soak in the sunshine, your body can manufacture free Vitamin D.
There is also the wind and the sun that can help your clothes to dry faster in summer. Wind energy also moves sailboats and windsurfs.
But the biggest question is whether you can use this free energy to light up your home, cook, run a factory, and so on.
The answer, again, is yes and no!
While the sun, water, and wind energy are free, it is not 100 percent free. If you are looking for a freebie, you will not find it in power.
You can use the sun, water, and wind energy to run your small business. But you have to channel it through an advanced infrastructure. This infrastructure can be expensive to buy, set up, and maintain.
That is why we are saying there is no free energy. There are a few instances, though. You could warm up in the sun, or you want to grow food so that the sun’s rays can help in their photosynthesis process.

Solar energy

Free energy all around us but so costly

There is a lot of information about free energy. There are many misconceptions too. Many sources say that energy companies reap a lot of money from selling free energy. From an essential perspective, the access point is all around us.
From the wind, water, sun to nuclear energy, the sources go on and on about the availability of free energy. But there are things that they do not tell you. They do not tell you the need for expensive and massive infrastructure to bring that energy to the primary grid.
There is also the need to train and use personnel for various roles. They will take care of and do regular maintenance on the energy grid. This is not cheap. While many energy companies worldwide make “immoral” profits, they are in business. They need the revenue to run different operations. That is how they ensure that you always have power when you need it.
You could argue that energy companies use public money to build this infrastructure. This money comes from the taxes that people pay their government. Despite that, there are many maintenance needs. So there is no way that you are going to have free energy.

Almost free energy choices

While there is no free energy, some sources are almost free.
By this, we mean energy sources that need the initial investment. After that, you do not have to pay anything, but you continue enjoying the energy.
This means no energy bills at the end of the month. The only cost you will have to worry about is the maintenance charges.

wind energy

Wind energy

Do you want to capture wind power with a small turbine for your home use? Even then, the turbine and its installation require money.
You need accessories to store the energy once the turbine harvests it. These accessories include batteries and converters that change DC to AC power. You can use AC power to run your electronics at home and in your business.
A vertical wind turbine is one of the most popular options for energy harvesting. It is best for people who live in windy neighborhoods.
You will pay for the installation of your windmill and its accessories. After that, there will be no other cost to face in the day-to-day running of the business.
Do not buy a windmill blindly. Calculate how much power you need every day to run the whole household.
Usually, an average household can use about 10,500 kWh of energy per year. A small household windmill can give between 400 and 20 kilowatts of power. With that in mind, you can calculate the size of the windmill you should buy.

Solar energy

Solar energy is as green as it gets, and it is popular with many people worldwide.
Solar has its fair share of disadvantages. One of them is the high buying and installation cost of solar panels. Another is the cost of the batteries and other accessories; it has more pros than cons.
Solar panels are costly, and so are their batteries. They also need a qualified technician to install everything. This is going to cost you a good amount of money. After that, the good thing is that you can enjoy free energy for a long time.
To meet all energy needs at home with solar, you will need a good number of solar panels and high-quality batteries. The batteries can store the power that the panels harvest.
Before you can go for this free energy, you need to calculate the power usage in your home. You can check the power rating of your kitchen, bathroom, and other appliances. Also, find out how much the lighting fixtures consume.
Getting a close estimate of your energy needs is just the beginning. You also need to determine how many solar panels, batteries, wiring, and other accessories you need to buy.

Hydroelectricity power

Hydroelectricity power

If you have a river and a small waterfall on your farm, it is possible to harvest hydroelectric power.
This is a complex affair, so it might cost you more money than the other options that we have outlined here.
It also requires closer maintenance. That is why most people avoid it because it could become too costly to run if something goes wrong.
If hydropower is that expensive, why is it on the list of sources of energy that are closest to free energy? It is renewable. As long as waterfalls turn the turbine, you will continue producing energy.

Geothermal energy

In most cases, only large corporations and governments can tap into this energy. Experts consider geothermal energy a form of renewable energy. It comes from the heat deep inside the earth.
The earth’s core never stops generating these copious amounts of heat. It is possible to extract this heat and convert it into electricity for hundreds of years.
When the energy companies tap into geothermal energy, they add it to the national grid. The consumers do not know, and if they do, they do not care about the energy source they are using at home. What matters is that they have power at home.
The infrastructure to extract geothermal power is very costly to build and maintain. That is why this option might not be viable for homeowners and small businesses. Once the infrastructure is in place, this power source never runs out.
Geothermal energy is clean! There is less emission into the atmosphere. It is also more available than other sources of energy. It is possible to make this energy available to the users throughout the year without downtime.

Geothermal energy

Energy exists freely: You cannot create it or destroy it.

There is sound energy, heat energy, wind energy, and water energy, to name but a few. Everywhere you look around you, there is a lot of free energy.
So what is the real reason why you will continue paying energy bills every end of the month? Your government needs revenue to pay its wage bill and run its affairs.
When you pay your energy bill, you are not particularly paying for the energy. You are paying for the technology that makes the power available for your use at home and in your business.
The energy just exists. No matter how many explanations you get about why power exists, it is just there. It exists and will continue living in the universe even after we are no more.
You cannot create energy, and you cannot destroy it. The only thing you can do is convert it to various forms, depending on the needs you want to meet.
A diesel generator sets convert the chemical (fuel) energy into mechanical energy. So you don’t need mechanical power to run your appliances at work and home. The generator further converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.
From this principle alone, you can see that the generator did not create energy. The energy is already there in the diesel fuel, in chemical form.
We do not need the energy in this form. The generator can then converts the energy from chemical. It will then convert the mechanical energy to electrical, which we can use at home.
Behind this conversion, there is a complex process. We want to get the fridge working, the lights running and the cooker working. Even when the main grid power is out, you can use a backup GENSET as your energy source.

Is There Free Energy? Final Thoughts

In summary, there is plenty of free energy in the universe. But until we get to such a time that taxes will no longer be necessary, we will never really use free power at home.
Every time you use leading grid electricity, you have to pay a small amount every end of the month. This is for the technology and infrastructure investment.
You can install systems to harvest your renewable energy from the wind, the sun, or water. You will still need to foot the maintenance costs.
So, is there free energy? It is there, but it is only available in forms that need further conversion to meet our needs.
Using free energy will never go beyond using the sunshine to dry your clothes after washing them. You also use free energy for drying crops in the field for harvesting.
You need the energy to run your household and business appliances. For that, you will have to pay for the conversion into electrical energy.

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