ST Series


ST Series generators are used in town, countryside, worksites, vilages and pastures as electric power source for lighting purpose and three phase AC power supply, it can also be reserved as emergence power.

Additional information

Rated Output

3KW, 5KW, 7.5KW, 10KW, 12KW, 15KW, 20KW, 24KW

Rated Voltage

220V, 230V

Rated Speed

1500RPM, 1800RPM


50Hz, 60Hz

Power Factor


Details About ST Series

ST Series single & three-phase a.c. synchronous generators are mainly desgned to serve as power generating unit for lighting purpose in vilages, towns, and house-hold electricc appliaces or standby power.

  • Insulation is class B or F, drip-poof type is IP21;
  • Tight construction with casting frame, and steel frame is optional;
  • The steady voltage regulation of generators are good in 5% speed variation, load from no-losd to full-load and power factor from 0.8 to 1.0.

The generator interior is mad of high quality magnetic and electical and it’s easy to maintain.

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