Purchase for the company or factory: Comparative analysis

Don't depend on thumb rules. Like it might be efficient to communicate with the factory due to the absence of a third party. Effective communication is possible only if you get connected with the concerned staff.

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Due to the demand for AC generators by consumers, many companies have sprung up in the market. From one perspective, it is a good sign, i.e., you get to do in-depth market research. You can pick up a variety of products as well.

But there are a few things thing that you should keep in mind. The first one: the companies that portray themselves to be good are not a guarantee for their reliability. This can be an effective marketing stunt on behalf of the company.

The one question that arises before buying an AC generator is whether to buy from a factory or a company?

How do you plan to buy the AC generators? (Single or in bulk amount)

At first, you need to distinguish whether you plan to buy a single product or in a bulk amount. The single product or a few products for individual use would fall in business-to-consumer B2C sales.

In business-to-business (B2B) sales, a bulk of sale/purchase of products is involved. One can then sell them to the individual consumers from the shops.

What is the difference between a factory and a company?

A company is an association. It consists of a collection of individuals in which each person has an assigned task. They work in a harmonious way to carry on the commercial enterprise. The collectively available skills combine to achieve specific, declared goals.

A factory is a facility where workers make goods workers or processed. In our case, the goods are AC generators and their various components.

Is purchase reliable for the company or factory?

Buying good quality products at affordable prices is the goal of every purchaser. Buying from a factory or a company is a tricky question. They are various pros and cons for both of them. We describe them as follows:


Be it a factory or a company, the first question you should if it’s reliable or not. Because the most crucial factor to consider is the market presence of the company. A dedicated supplier might have an increased product price. But it would guarantee excellent quality.

But if the supplier is not good, then there are dominant chances that you can get cheated on. Because due to the surge in demand for AC generators, numerous scams are present in the market.

So before deciding if you want to buy from a company or a factory for B2B sales, first check each’s reliability.

Effective communication

Compare and contrast the way of communication of both the factory and the company. Proper communication removes a lot of ambiguities from both sides of the business. As in the case of B2B, corporations are involved on both sides. So effective communication goes a long way.

Don’t depend on thumb rules. Like it might be efficient to communicate with the factory due to the absence of a third party. Effective communication is possible only if you get connected with the concerned staff.

competitive pricing for Alternators

Variety of products and their abundance/scarcity

Some factories/companies produce just more than a single item. So see if you want to buy only one kind of product or numerous ones. In the case that you want to buy the bulk of a single type of product in large amounts, better work with the factory.

However, if you want to buy various products with innumerable qualities, it’s better to go for a company. It will take a lot of work to track down every one of the plants for these items.

Usually, companies have large items. Also, their business setup is such that they know about every item in the market. So a single company can connect you with various providers for every item. So choosing such a company can be a one-stop solution for you to help you purchase all kinds of things you need.

Products price and their flexibility

The price quoted by the factory is usually lower than that of the company. This helps a lot in doing a cost-budget analysis of your bulk generators. Just check the price difference between the products if you buy them from a company or a factory. Ensure that the comparison is between the same quality products. Meanwhile, see if they show any flexibility in prices if you buy the bulk amount. Remember that the flexibility should be without a compromise on the quality.

This cost analysis will help you further narrow the choice to choose the ones that fit your budget.

Bonus point: Do a pros cons analysis specified to your needs

An adequately defined scope will help decide if you want to buy from a factory or a company. This would allow you to boil down to your requirements. Now you can do a final comparative analysis of jotting down the pros and cons in both cases.

Do an analysis of the reliability, price, communication, and abundance of the products. And take a final decision in buying from a factory or the company.

When to choose a factory for B2B sale/purchase?

Choose a factory when you need it:

a) A small variety of products

b) A large number of products

Be careful to choose a factory then directly produces the products in the factory. Because sometimes the factory buys products from another and sells them as their own. This occurs either due to the shortage of the products or due to the inspection-halt of the factory.

Buying products from a factory that isn’t producing the products equals no benefit. Likewise, when you buy in bulk, the factory might lessen a significant amount to make you their regular potential customer. Also, you can develop a relationship too.

A factory cannot products multiple scores of products. Such a so-called factory would fall into the category of an industrial complex.

When to choose a company for B2B sale/purchase?

It’s considered challenging for A factory to have a wide variety of products in bulk amount. So in case you plan to buy numerous products in large amounts, better go for a company. Because a company can be a reliable one-stop solution to cater to your multiple needs.

A company can act as a place to help you get other products too if they don’t have one due to their connections in the market. It is a company that can ensure that in large/ small quantities, the variety of products are reliable, high quality, and great to use.

So in the above cases, a well-managed company having its properly established presence in the market is best for all your requirements.


Choosing to buy from a factory or a company depends on your specific needs. Your preference for product variety will help you select the supplier. In the end, proper communication will help you know if the factory/company is best for you or not.

So be careful and don’t get impressed by the dazzling marketing techniques. Instead, do thorough market research before dong purchases for B2B purposes.

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