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Generally speaking, alternators have gone deep into our lives. A better choice in the future, but during us much more help right now.

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An AC Generator works due to electromagnetic induction. A changing electric field ma a magnetic field and vice versa. AC Generator call Alternator, a spinning rotor generates current by a coil. The primary use of the AC is to produce electricity for mass consumption.
Every coin has two sides. There is the same thing with AC Generators, benefits and limitations.


There are the advantages that you can expect from AC generators in the facility:

1.Simple Design

Why is an ac generator called the most simple design? Because they have a single moving part only that call rotor. It’s more straightforward than The DC. That’s why the AC is much easier to maintain, and they are cheaper and carry quieter operations.
In fact, The AC has a longer life than the DC. Due to carbon brushes and a commutator which tend to run out. And produce noise and smells bad by its components. So These would have to replace throughout the whole life of the DC.

2. Unnecessary for Matching Voltage

No need for matching voltage. For Optional use, a DC must produce a voltage level. Yet, The AC lets you convert the current to another voltage by using a transformer. Which compatible with AC, but not DC.

3. Easy to Maintain

If needed, DC output can achieve from the AC by using a rectifier arrangement of diodes. But, AC from DC needs some modifications in the generator’s design or a complex circuit. So the AC is much easier to maintain in the process.

4. Cost-Effective to Use

AC is more comfortable and efficient to send over long distances rather than DC. And they must not commutators and brushes. Because of using a rotating magnet inside a fixed armature. And that’s impossible for the DC. Which cut down the wear and tear of the AC Generators.

5. Improve Power Supply

As early as the 19th century, Tesla patented the first AC motor used with the AC power. The innovation was trendy in factories and industries in the United States. And I have to say, This has been promoting the production and application indeed.

Brushless Three-phase AC Generators


Besides the advantages, there are still some disadvantages to consider. Which might be helpful:

1.Need Extra Insulation

On account of the massive voltages, a higher level of insulation needs to supply a fixed amount of power from an AC. It’s challenging to handling the AC. Compare to the DC, Working on AC may cause some difficulties and risks. In general, AC’s Peak value is high, and it’s dangerous to use, which requires better insulation.

2. Transformer Implement

it’s a kind of an advantage, the need for a transformer can be limited AC Generators. For example, the AC needs a superior design. That prevents the higher voltage discharge on one side. An efficient way can’t produce higher voltages. So It must use a transformer to ease long-distance transmission. that occurs the low voltage converts to a much greater level.

3. Involved Issues

AC may be susceptible to sparks and overheating because it produces high currents. This phenomenon results in electric shock and fires. Which detrimental to the properties and lives of your employees. Excepting these safety risks. The AC appears to be less durable considering its need to cause massive results in such hazards.
It is said that Thomas Edison persuaded the investment. By using to experiment with stray animals. Facts have proved that AC Generator must be insulated to ensure safety.

4. Bottom Line

AC is more prevalent in many applications so far. like DC, There are benefits and drawbacks involved in using an AC. On cost, reliability, and efficiency. The advantages of AC appear to outweigh the limitations involved.


In fact, The principle behind An AC generator is elementary. An external energy source, like moving water, steam produced by fossil fuel combustion. Or controlled nuclear fission spins a rotor and generates the current in a coil winding. The electricity base on use as soon as you connect the coil to a load.
AC generator has more advantages as small as a home power supply or as significant as the whole city. Okay, all is our summary, benefits, and limitations, about AC generators. If you have any additions, that is most welcome. Thanks!

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