Top 5 Trends for AC Generator In The Future

There is no doubt that the AC generator will continue to be famous for a long time. If you have one, you need to know how to keep it in top shape all the time. This means having to follow the maintenance schedule from the manufacturer.
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A decade ago, the prediction was that by 2020, the diesel generator market would be at $15 billion. Today, many power grids in the developed world are too old. Thus, the need for generators continues to grow. By 2022, the market for diesel generators will reach $21.37 billion.

But first, what is an AC generator? This means alternating current generators. In this kind of generator, the present (electrical energy) flows in both directions. This is unlike a DC generator, where the electrical energy flows in one direction only. 

By design, DC generators are very simple. They have large motors, and they can provide smooth voltage. But for your home and small business needs, the AC generator is the best. It is simple to maintain, and it saves on cost.

This is why alternating current generators are more popular than direct current ones. Keep reading. We will look at the top five trends for AC generators. They are:

· Demand for generators to continue rising

· The rise of intelligent generators

· The popularity of bi-fuel generators rises

· Fuel: diesel still remains king in ac generators

· Asia-Pacific to be the fastest-growing market for generators

What are the trends that will drive the sales for AC generators in the future? There are many. 

Here are the top five:

Global Warming Effects: Demand for Generators Will Rise

The world is reacting too to the global warming phenomenon. It seems we will need more generators.

Many natural disasters occur in populated areas close to large water bodies. They also happen in the dry, inland parts.

Extreme weather conditions cause severe and extensive blackouts.

In February 2021, there were power blackouts in several states from a severe winter storm. Texas was without power for an extended time. This alone tells you that this is the right time for you to buy a standby generator. This kind of disaster can happen to everyone, anywhere in the world.

No country in the world is safe from weather disasters. And extensive power blackouts. Thus, it is a good idea to invest in a generator. It is better to have something and not need it than not have it when you need it.

Weather patterns are so unpredictable. In Africa, extended droughts and dry seasons are running hydropower stations to the ground. This comes from low water levels in dams and rivers.

Thus, wherever you are in the world, you need a backup generator. An AC one is perfect for powering a home or a business.

The Rise of Smart Generators

It is possible to buy an intelligent generator with basic or advanced technological aspects. Today, even the most basic generators have a control panel. It enables you to see the health status of your generator when it is running. You can see the output, the Fuel remaining, and other features.

Generator vendors are working hard to include as many intelligent features as possible. With some intelligent generators, you can check performance and status even when far. You can do this using an app on your mobile phone.

Big, standalone generators run hospitals, industries, hotels, and other enterprises. They come with a remote monitoring solution.

It can give you a complete analysis of how much Fuel the generator consumes under a quarter, half, or even full load. That way, you can be able to calculate how much fuel you need for a specific time.

In some generators, you can also get alerts by phone when something needs checking. Thus, it means that you can stay on top of the health of your generator even when you are not at home.

In the future, there will be more technological aspects of generators. Some features are only available in the big diesel generators. But they will be in the tiny home use generators soon. 

Some of them include:

· The Ability to turn your generator on and off from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection

· Ability to check fuel levels and leakages from anywhere

· Alerts you of overheating issues. You can also check the level of essential fluids such as oil and coolant

· Monitoring the batteries, knowing when the next service time for the generator is due

The digital technology in your generator depends on the manufacturer. It also depends on how much money you can pay. 

Going by the trends, generators with advanced technology will become more affordable. The change from the old analog generators to modern, digital control ones will be complete in a few years.

This change to smart generators will soon become normal across all generators.

The Popularity of Bi-Fuel Generators Rises

Most of the bi-fuel generators are portable types for camping, RVs, and fieldwork.

Bi-fuel generators might have more benefits than those that use one type of Fuel. Thus, this might become normal across the board for even the significant kinds of generators.

You can guess that bi-fuel means a generator that can use two types of Fuel. This has many benefits, but the biggest of them is saving money.

Under full load, the generator will use the most appropriate Fuel for that kind of work. If the generator runs a light load, it will switch to the most suitable Fuel for that.

In many bi-fuel generators, they run on a mixture of two types of Fuel. For instance, some can run on diesel and gasoline. Others can also run on diesel and natural gas.

Bi-fuel generators have incredible digital technology. They have a system controller that mixes the fuels in their respective percentages.

Bi-fuel generators use diesel and natural gas. To be precise, they use 70 percent natural gas and 30 percent diesel. The system controller maintains this mixture all the time.

There is another benefit of using a bi-fuel generator. You can use the most affordable Fuel or the available one. If natural gas is open, you can use that in the generator. If diesel is more available where you are, use it.

Fuel: Diesel Still Remains King in AC Generators

Bi-fuel generators have their fans in the market. But diesel is going to remain the king of generator fuel for a long time.

The reason for this is that diesel is always available and affordable. For several decades now, diesel has been reigning supreme. It will continue to stay ahead of the other fuels for the near future.

By 2020, diesel generators were controlling about 70 percent of the market. One would think that generator manufacturers would be thinking above a diesel. Today, most engine manufacturers are exploring electric options instead of fossil fuels.

Apart from cost, there are many other reasons why diesel will continue to be ahead. 

One of them is that such generators have a longer lifespan. The parts for these generators are also more available. Thus, your generator will never be out of commission for lack of interest.

Unlike new technology generators, the diesel ones run on already-existing technology. Thus, they are also cheaper to buy and maintain.

Soon, these generators will come with advanced digital technology. They will also burn diesel fuel more and save money.

Asia-Pacific Is The Fastest Growing Market for Generators

Asia Pacific countries are experiencing rapid industrialization rates. They are also experiencing high population and urbanization growth. Experts believe that their power grids are still too young. Thus, they might not be able to meet the vast demands for power.

China and India will be (if they already are not) the biggest generator buyers. This does not mean that these countries do not have proper grids. For example, many of the cities in China are among the most well-connected cities in the world. The power demand is higher than the supply. This is why more people will need AC generators in the future.

China has the largest manufacturing industry in the world. Thus, they also have a higher power demand. India also has a fast-growing manufacturing sector. Also, consider the high populations of these countries. You can see why they need more generators.

Other countries that will be playing catch up to China and India are in Africa. Apart from South Africa, most other countries in Africa have underdeveloped grids. They also do not produce enough power to meet the Demand.

Today, 40 percent of the population in Nigeria cannot access leading grid electricity. Considering that this country has more than 200 million, 40 percent is such a vast number. This country will be a good market for AC generators.


There is no doubt that the AC generator will continue to be famous for a long time. If you have one, you need to know how to keep it in top shape all the time. This means having to follow the maintenance schedule from the manufacturer.

It also means using the best Fuel that you can find. Attend to issues as soon as they occur to prevent their escalation.

If you have a diesel generator, it can help you light your home or office. It will also save your food from wastage when there are extensive power blackouts in your area.

The global population is growing. The weather is becoming more unpredictable due to global warming. The Demand for generators rises. The future for the diesel generator is very bright. 

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