Top 6 Mistakes Most Buyers Make

That is it for the top 6 mistakes that most generator buyers make. With this information, you can choose a sound generator for your home or business.

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Do You Wanna Know The Top 6 Mistakes Most Buyers Make?

A good diesel generator set is going to cost you a tidy sum of money. Thus, you want the investment to last a long time so that you can get good value for your money.

Most first-time diesel generator buyers make many mistakes. Some of these prove costly later. In this article, we’ll look at the most common mistakes that buyers make so that you can avoid them. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

If you already do not have a backup generator for your home or business, you need one as soon as possible. Extensive power blackouts cause a lot of losses at home and at work.

You can count severe losses if a severe winter storm blows your power lines out. Even a blackout of a few hours’s still not good. After all, we keep most of our food in the fridge, and all it takes is a few hours of blackout to damage it.

If you want to buy your first standby generator, avoid the mistakes below. This information applies to anyone, both home and business owners. Even people who are buying industrial generator sets can make these mistakes.

Mistake No. 1: Buying Without Doing Enough Research

A generator will cost you a large amount of money. Do you want a small portable type or a big standalone unit that can power the entire house? 

It will cost you a good amount of money. Thus, the last thing that you want is to buy your unit without information.

Before you commit your money, you need to know a few essential things. They are as follows:

What kind of generator you need

Big or small, the generator that you choose depends on your needs. To power a home, you would need to choose between a single-phase and a three-phase generator.

The latter can handle more workload than the former. If you’re looking for a camping generator, a small, single-phase one will do fine.

Mammoth diesel generator sets are perfect for commercial use. You can use one to run a factory during power blackouts. They can also be suitable for powering entire office blocks.

Fuel type

The small portable generators use gasoline, big ones use diesel. If you need a small portable generator for camping or light home use, gasoline will do fine.

Diesel generator sets are enormous. They are three-phase, and they have a considerable output (high voltage). They can handle more workload.

Today, you can also get bi-fuel generators. These ones usually use diesel and natural gas in 70% natural gas and 30 percent diesel.

Bi-fuel generators have some intelligent features. One of them enables them to use the fuel type that is most appropriate for the kind of work they are doing. 

For instance, if the generator is running a half or full load, it will use diesel. If it runs a quarter load, it can use the other fuel.

Ease of maintenance

The routine maintenance of a generator needs some replaceable parts. If you like, you can buy a generator on eBay or another online marketplace. But first, find out whether its details are available.

If you buy a diesel generator from China, find out whether you can order its parts from the same supplier. Most of the time, you can.

You might also be lucky enough and find local suppliers who stock replacement parts. You have to find out all these things before investing your money.

Always set aside enough time to look for the best generator. Today, you can even find silent diesel generators that have deficient noise levels.

Mistake No. 2: Buying A Cheap Generator

Everyone is looking for an avenue to save some money. Buying a generator online can save you more money than buying one in a brick-and-mortar store.

Yet do not make the mistake of going for a very cheap generator. Low price means affordable quality when it comes to generators.

A good standby generator will cost a good amount of money, anywhere from $2000 to even ten times. Standalone generator sets also need expert installation. You might get from the company’s technicians.

Small portable generators cost much less. However, you still need to be wary of the ones that sell at low prices.

How much does a whole house generator cost? The price for a generator that can power your full house or a small business can start at $3000.

Also, the price that you will pay for your generator depends on the wattage. A 9000-watt generator can cost more than a 5000-watt one.

If the deal sounds too good to be true, it is not a real deal.

Mistake No 3: Not Checking the Warranty Coverage

You will pay a lot of money for your generator. Thus, you need some sort of assurance that you will have value for money.

The only way to be sure of that is to get good warranty coverage with your new generator. Also, remember that generator service and repair is very expensive. If you can get a warranty of 24 or more months, you will save yourself a lot of trouble.

If the manufacturer is willing to give an extended warranty, it shows how confident they are in their product. You can buy such a generator set without hesitation.

Lack of warranty coverage can mean a few things. First, the generator might be a secondhand one, meaning that the warranty is no longer valid. It might be a refurbished generator. This also means the original contract is not valid.

Cheap generators might not come with good warranty coverage. This is one of the banes of buying cheap items. It is better to pay more money and get a better warranty than otherwise.

Mistake No 4: Buying a Generator without Remote Monitoring Functions

Generators with remote monitoring features are a top trend for now and the future.

Thus, if you can get one with remote monitoring, get it, even if it costs more money than one without. The ability to control the operation of a generator is too good to pass.

You could be many miles away from home. Yet if you have an internet connection, you can control the operation of your generator. You need not be there beside it.

Today, some generator manufacturers also have smartphone apps for their products. Download the app to your mobile and get information about maintenance and servicing.

Remote monitoring also enables you to see essential data. This includes the level of fluids, the voltage, and the load under which your generator runs.

If you have a large industrial generator set, you can also check the fuel usage. Such a function is very helpful in preventing fuel theft.

An app for the generator might also give you a proper analysis of fuel usage. It will also show you the servicing intervals and other details.

When something is wrong, you get alerts. This is very helpful. The generator will never stop operating without your knowledge.

In some cases, you can even turn the generator off even when you are not in the surroundings. Sometimes, a power blackout can happen at home when you are far away. The ability to turn on the generator from far away will be beneficial.

Mistake No. 5: Not Knowing Enough About Its Features

If you buy a generator and you do not know enough about its features, you might never get the total worth of your money.

Modern generators are efficient pieces of work. But such efficiency also demands that they come with a long list of features.

Before or even after you buy one, find out about all its features, even the ones that you think you won’t need. Know about troubleshooting features, gauges, overheating shutoff, low oil shutoff, and others.

When the supplier delivers the generator to your place, read the user manual. You will see everything about its features, the parts, and the functions.

Even if you buy a small portable generator, read the user manual. It will enable you to troubleshoot common problems, know the type of fuel it runs on, and many more things.

Mistake No.6: Buying A Secondhand Generator

Buying a secondhand generator is not always a bad idea. If you have the money, it is always better to buy a new one.

New generators have a good manufacturer’s warranty. Also, you enjoy the prestige of knowing that you are the first person to use it.

There is no guarantee for secondhand generators. It might work, but then it might not. Some of its wearable parts might also be near the end of their lifespan.

While buying a secondhand generator will save you money, in the end, it might cost you more. Unless you are purchasing a secondhand one from a local shop and they are ready to give you a guarantee, avoid it. New generators can provide you better service and peace of mind.


That is it for the top 6 mistakes that most generator buyers make. With this information, you can choose a sound generator for your home or business.

Also, remember that buying a generator is the easy part. Keeping it running is the hard part. It requires total commitment from you.

Service it on time. Also, use the recommended fuel and always ensure that the fluids are at their proper levels.

With good care and maintenance, a diesel generator set can last decades.

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