Easiest Way To Tell An Broken Generator In Under 3 hours

Although the power sources of various power generation systems may be different. they all have a significant standard part: generators. The electricity we use in production and life comes from power plants. which are inseparable from generators.
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The generator set consists of an engine (providing kinetic energy). A generator (generating current) and a control system. The wind turbine relies on the wind to drive the Generator to rotate and generate current.

The hydro-generator uses the drop of water flow to generate power. To move the Generator to generate electricity. Oil-fired generators rely on diesel or gasoline combustion. To generate power to drive the generator set.
Although the power sources of various power generation systems may differ. They all have a significant standard part: generators. The electricity we use in production and life comes from power plants. Which are inseparable from generators.

What’s Alternator (AC Generator)?

An Alternator is a device. That passes mechanical energy to electrical energy for use in an external circuit. Alternator use in households, industry, agriculture, science, and technology.

The main parts of it consist of a stator and rotor, unlike other machines. , Alternators field exciters are rotating, and the armature coil is stationary.

At present, 99% of the electricity. Used by human beings generate by synchronous generators.The synchronous Generator needs a DC magnetic field.The DC that produces this magnetic field. Calls the excitation current of the Generator.

The Generator obtains the excitation current. From other power sources, call the other-excited Generator. And the one that gets the excitation power itself calls the self-excited Generator.

Part of the excitation system

The excitation system of the synchronous Generator generally consists of two parts.

Supply DC to the Generator’s magnetic field winding to establish a DC magnetic field. Which often refers to as the excitation power output part (or power unit).

The other part uses to adjust the excitation current in regular operation. Or accident to meet the process’s needs.

This part includes regulator, excitation, demagnetization. And automatic, which generally calls the excitation control part (or control unit). Pls, click here for AC three-phase generators on our website.

How To Maintain AC Generator?

AC Generator is a handy item for many purposes. Including providing emergency for your home, regulating life-support equipment. Providing power in remote areas and reducing electricity costs. That’s why you need regular checks. To ensure that you actually need it, it will be available.

1. Service AC Generator Twice Yearly

Even if not using an AC generator, it needs service. Keep it on a regular schedule if you keep pushing off the maintaining, Which will work.

2. Create A Record Book For AC

Generator recording will update with dates and any issues found and fixed. You will find out what set in the late time, which is helpful to the next step.

3. Maintenance Checks

Start to check the condition. Rusted elements, loose wires. Stuck buttons, etc. Be sure the area around it clean and sucked in some dirt or leaves, cleanout.

Fix anything loose, stuck, or fraying if you do not know what to do. Professional advice is a better choice for safety.

4.Start-Up AC Generator

Suppose an alternator does not use. It’s recommended that you start it up quarterly to ensure that it still runs. At least, start it after six months twice. The checking could make sure that whether it will keep working.

5.Start From The Homework

You don’t want to buy an AC Generator that will exceed the maximum capacity that your AC can put out. To read the ratings before buying it. There’s the higher “maximum” or “starting” rating or the “rated” or “continuous” watts. If you believe in an AC for the higher power level, it will only work for a short time and at that level. The Alternator won’t extend its running capacity, and off you’ll be — running to find a new generator.

Why Is AN AC Generator Broken?

Many reasons why the Alternator does not generate electricity use. Internal or external factors. And commons as follow.

1.Varying speed causes the variable voltage.

The Generator couldn’t produce electricity. Due to AC exciter failure, so the AC has not current.
Look out the sound of the engine while operating. Does it sound regular or fluctuating? If not normal, that means the rotor speed unworkable. The rate used to be 1500rpm or 1800rpm. Sometimes extra or less. That is the reason for up and down.

2.Overload for the AC Generator

If the Generator is overloaded, it would reduce the lifespan of the AC and break down. The capacity will start to turn hot, which will burn out inside and spare port. That means the shorten life for the GeneratorGenerator and no power.

3.The damaged AVR (automatic voltage regulator)

As we know, AVR serves for stable voltage. If the AVR broke, that would shut down the power.

4.The blocked for Circuit.

The polarity reverse. The magnetic field produced by the counteracted current after electrifying. With the residual magnetism disappears, the remanence. Besides, when measuring the DC resistance. Or testing the automatic voltage regulator AVR. Without notifying the polarity, which will also cause the core to disappear.

5.Circuit wiring error

The faulty connections or the loose wiring head will interrupt with no excitation current due to the DC side’s interruption. The excitation current couldn’t send into the winding, results not electricity.

AC Generators

How To Fix It?

Repairing a generator is like a doctor treating a patient. We need to work out the possible factors step by step and find the right way.

1.Carry on for Magnetizing Treatment

The AC charges the capacitor by using residual magnetism. I do not use it for a period. The appeal would lose and not set. If this occurs, the capacitor must be flashed to restore its. And then the rotor would excite again.

Use another or dry battery with positive and negative poles. To supply electricity for a short time. To the leading-out terminal of the excitation winding. Plz, make sure they are in the right position, which can magnetize the AC exciter.

2.Correct the wrong wiring after searching

Use a multi-meter ohm block to identify the broken line and connect it. Polish the surface oxide layer with the sand cloth, loose connection bolt, and firm the nuts.

3.Use The Tool

Use 500V ohmmeter to check the winding’s ground insulation. And determine the point and the broken line to restore it.


AC Generator can be a valuable part of your Genset to help maintain your power. To ensure your Genset works when you need it most. It’s essential to keep the unit maintained throughout the year.

Of course, excluding the above, we will encounter some other problems. Bolipower is online for you 24/7 hours a day. What’s your takeaway lesson from this article? You have a question about the generators. Either way, leave a comment below right now.

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