Why Is Electric Motor Critical In Our Life?

To answer the question "Why is electric motor critical in our life?" is like a no brainer to me. Without it, our cars would not work; there would be no Air conditioners and computers. Not to mention industries would still be dependent on human labor.

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To convert electrical energy to mechanical energy, we use electric motors. From our cars to sewage treatment plants, all use some form of electric motor. Electric motors have so many uses to mention all, it will take a separate article. 

How electric motors work?

We are going to try to make this section of the article brief. Ampere’s law is the principle on which electric motors operate on. 

The idea of Ampere’s law is to pass current through a closed-loop, and it will form a magnetic field around it. 

The wire loop turns into a magnet due to the presence of current. So, the loop now has North and South poles. So, if you put it between two interests with North and South Pole. It will start rotating because of the attraction between the loop and the magnets. 

A brief timeline of how electric motors came to be:

With time, every type of technology has evolved into a better version. This stands true for electric motors as well. Now, we know how critical electric motors are for us. So, let us know a little about how electric motors came to be!

The first people to work on electric motors are Andrew Gordon and Benjamin Franklin. Andrew Gordon was a Scottish monk, and Benjamin Franklin was an American scientist.

Then came Michael Faraday and Joseph Henry, who started working on electric motors. Both of them wanted to convert electrical energy to mechanical energy. 

In 1834, the first official electric motor came to be. Thomas Davenport from Vermont invented the first battery-powered electric motor. 

These electric motors were the first ones that we’re able to perform tasks. These electric motors can power a small printing press. 

Around 1886, the first DC motor, which could run at a constant speed with variable weight, came to be. The inventor of this brilliant engineering breakthrough was Frank Julian Sprague. This invention helped pioneer the acceptance of electric motors in industrial applications.

Adaptation of electric motors for commercial use: 

50 years after Davenport’s breakthrough, still, commercial use of electric motors was scarce. 50 years later, the commercial use of electric motors saw a rise. 

The logic behind it is earlier models were inefficient. They could only use for small scale businesses. Engineers went through trial and error. Develop the most efficient version of the electric motor. The new models were great for commercial use. 

The invention of the AC induction motor: 

Around 1888, Nikola Tesla invented the AC induction motor. He patented it a year later. Tesla’s invention was not suitable for use on vehicles. 

Westinghouse engineers built on Tesla’s AC induction motor. Later in 1892, the commercial induction motor was built; it had a rotating bar and winding rotor. This made the engine suitable for automotive use. 

AS time goes by, General electric started working on a three-phase induction motor. General Electric and Westinghouse signed an agreement. To use the induction motor’s true potential. The agreement allowed GE and Westinghouse to collaborate to build a better engine. 

In the 2000s, is where the use of electric motors peaked. Anywhere you look, you will find something which is being operated by an electric motor. 

Industries are dependent on the use of electric motors. With time, electric motors have become better and more efficient. 

Uses of electric motors: 

Without knowing where and how electric motors are being used. We can’t understand how critical electric motors are in our life. So, we discuss some of the applications and uses of electric motors below: 


-Hard Disc Drives 

-Washing Machines 

-Industrial Equipment 

-Powered wheelchairs 

-Solar panels 


Some applications for electric motors. It would take more than a section of an article to name all the uses of electric motors. Electricity has become a necessity in human lives, and so has electric motors. So, it is hard to imagine a day without electric motors in our life. 

The difference between AC and DC motors: 

AC and DC motors both serve the same purpose. Both of them convert electrical energy to mechanical energy. But the power, controlled, and built. 

Judging by both of their names, you will see AC stands for alternating current and DC for direct current. We can deduce they have a different power—AC motors power by an Alternating current. DC motors power by Direct current. 

How can electric motors help reduce C02 emissions?

More than 60% of the electrical energy used in industry is to run electric motors. Electric motors not only play a critical part in our life. They have a significant role in environmental pollution. 

Using electric motors with higher efficiency, we can cut down on CO2 emissions. Not only will electric motors be emitting less Carbon dioxide. They will also be conserving energy. Being efficient means using less fuel to provide a higher output. Thus, helping us to save on both energy and CO2 emissions. 

To encourage the efficient use of electricity. Governments worldwide have decided to introduce MEPS. It is short for Least Energy Performance Standards.

According to MEPS, every electric motor needs to meet the standard efficiency set by them. Any industry using an electric motor that is below the standard set by MEPS. They will face repercussions from the government. 

The efficiency of electric motors is the comparison between input and output power. You can call it the ratio of output power and input power. The higher the efficiency of an electric motor, the better it is for the environment. 

To answer the question “Why is electric motor critical in our life?” is like a no brainer to me. Without it, our cars would not work; there would be no Air conditioners and computers. Not to mention industries would still be dependent on human labor. 

We aim to help people understand electric motors. So, they know why electric motors are critical in our life. 

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