How To Pick The AC Like A Professional?

In fact, there are more tips in the choice of AC Alternators. Bolipower equipped with permanent magnet excitation on the basis of brushless self-excitation. which ensures the generator excitation stability. and stable operation under the condition of large starting torque. What are you waiting for? Let’s connect!
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Nowadays, More and more motor buyers choose online procurement than exhibitions. Picking the right generator supplier has become a new topic, Which is critical for our business. Findings, inquiry, negotiations, payment terms, delivery, all these stuff are full of experience and strategies.

Before that, the most crucial part that we could never avoid, professionalism. Okay, Let’s get it straight! The first thing we have to know What alternator work is for?

The Critical Composed of Diesel Generator Set

Generally speaking, a Diesel generator set comprises four parts: a diesel engine. AC synchronous generator. control panel( box). and standard base.

Diesel engine

The diesel engine is a compression ignition engine with diesel fuel. It’s used as the prime mover for the power generating unit, range from 20KW to 5000 KW.

AC Generator (Alternator)

AC Generators’s an electrical generator. That converts mechanical energy into electrical one in alternating current. The most straightforward practical generator. Consists of a rectangular coil rotating in a uniform magnetic field. A permanent magnet usually supplies the magnetic field.

Control Panel (Box)

The control panel’s primary purpose is to distribute the electric energy output by a Genset to users’ load or electric equipment through the control panel.

Usually, it is equipped with a voltmeter, ammeter, frequency, and control switches. Related to the panel’s electrical equipment. It aims to show Genset’s operation and Genset’s operation. And maintain the voltage stability of the Genset under the condition of load change.


The Concern of AC Generator

AC Generator come with a rectangular coil of wire, and the component rotates on an axis. The lock lays between the poles the two permanent magnets with the rotation. Which leads to a change in the magnetic field. Thus the process generates electromotive forces between the ends.

An AC Generator relates to the output of the whole diesel generator. Including voltage, speed, and power stability. Which is the purpose of designing a voltage stability framework.

Voltage for AC Generators

Voltage stability is the ability of the power system to sustain a fixed voltage. The voltage remains set under tolerable conditions and even under disruption. (What’s the Voltage stability?)

Speed and frequency

The frequency of the ac generator is one of the critical parts. Determines the generator’s rating. The output must maintain at a fixed frequency, 50Hz or 60Hz. To hit the standard electrical grid production or the appliances’ rating.

Capacity for AC Generator

Power to ensure the load of the generator. And All alternators will have two particular power ratings. One is the starting or the rated, and the other is the running or the continuous. The lower running number is the only one you should look for. The higher rating is not meant to run at that power level. It can only maintain that extra power for a few seconds when a device starts up.

An eligible generator can not only prevent the unit from damaging (the generator). But it can also protect the other connected at the same time.

The Crucial Composed of AC Generator

After learning what we have to know when choosing a diesel engine, let’s go back to the AC. Compared with machines, an AC Generator’s specialty is more substantial, and we pay more attention to internal structure and materials when we choose.

Stator core silicon steel sheet

The stator core’s made of silicon steel. It makes of cold-rolled steel sheets by die-casting related to the stator’s magnetic field circulation.

The material of the stator coil

Stator coils are all copper wire, but with the improvement of wire technology. More and more buyers prefer 180℃ high-temperature-resistant copper wire. To ensure voltage stability and heat resistance.

The pitch & number of turns of the stator coil

The stator coil of all copper wire is 2 pm and three-pitch, and the stator of 72 turns adopts copper wire diameter. The current waveform is stable and not easy to heat.

Rotor bearing

The rotor bearing is the only worn part of the generator. The gap is minimal, the direction is not used well. And the wear and tear are comfortable to cause the rotor. To rub against the stator and cause high heat to burn out the motor.

BOLY generator uses high-precision bearings. high concentricity, high wear resistance, prolonging the service life.

Excitation mode

The excitation mode of the AC. Can divide into phase compound excitation types. And brushless self-excitation type. The advantage of stable excitation and simple maintenance has become mainstream.

In fact, there are more tips on the choice of the AC. Bolipower with permanent magnet excitation based on brushless self-excitation. Which ensures the generator excitation stability. And stable operation under the condition of large starting torque.

What Would a Factory Choose?

The function of the AC is to convert the power of the diesel engine into electricity. Which relates to the power output quality and stability of the generator set.

To ensure quality, diesel engine manufacturers generally use quality alternators. Of course, for the sake of cost, several famous-brand generators in the world. have also set up factories in China to achieve supply chain production. ( 5 ways you can get more supplier while spending less)

For example, the American marathon is in Shanghai. Stanford in England is in Wuxi, and Lilesama in France is in Fuzhou.


Selecting a diesel generator set is a tech task and So do Alternators. To make sure stability, More manufacturers chose high-level products for security. So what you need is a manufacturer. Who can provide professional advice on the quality of the products you buy. What’s your takeaway lesson from this article? You may have a question about the generators. Either way, leave a comment below right now.

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